Sunday, April 7, 2013

Book Launch - Just in Time for Mother's Day!

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ANNOUNCING the release of WENDY BOORN’S NEW BOOK, entitled

Are you a worried mid-life mother or father looking for direction? A friend, family member, or adult child who knows such a parent? A mental health or other helping professional looking for a resource for your clients? Or someone just interested in learning about family dynamics? Then THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
Parents of adult children are more concerned than ever, and with good reason: 68 percent have at least one grown child with one or more serious issue, including but not limited to divorce, drinking, drugs or illegal activities. More than one-third of 25- to 34-year-olds live with their parents. Depression, addiction, and suicide among young adults have tripled in the last thirty years.
"Wendy Boorn’s book is the perfect Rx for mothers with broken hearts.”
Suzanne G., English teacher and mother
Since studies indicate that their children’s well-being is a major determinant of their own well-being, many parents are suffering. They worry about whether their adult children will ever grow up, and they blame themselves that they haven't. In addition, they are distraught about how strained their relationships are with their kids, and they struggle to find ways to relate.
“Wendy’s wise and practical counsel has made all the difference in relating to my young-adult twin daughters. For the first time in years, our Thanksgiving was peaceful.”
Joanne D., author and mother
I Thought I'd Be Done by Now is a book of 183 one-page stories and essays offering guidance and inspiration for parents who worry about either the problems of their adult children, their relationships with them, or both. A combination of comfort and challenge, inspiration and guidance are administered with gentle compassion and a light touch. These stories help guilt-ridden parents feel calmer and more competent.
An index of topics refers readers to entries on 38 themes, including:

  • Learning to let go of worry and guilt

  • Allowing our dreams for our children to die

  • Learning to laugh at ourselves

  • Improving financial boundaries

  • Discerning whether and when to give advice

  • Detaching from the drama

Although I Thought I'd Be Done by Now was written specifically for mothers, fathers find it helpful, too. This book allows readers to build the “soul muscles” of curiosity, courage, humor, humility, creativity, forgiveness, persistence, and love. It addresses the delicate balance between holding on and letting go.

About the Author: Wendy Boorn, M.C., L.P.C., is a psychotherapist with 35 years of experience. Specializing in training people to create deep and respectful connections, she helps parents learn how to stay close to their adult children without interfering. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona, happily just one mile from her adult daughter.

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Wendy would appreciate your passing along this notice to anyone you know who might be interested in learning more about effective parenting. Thank you in advance for your support of this project.

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Though I won't be able to respond to all posts, I will read your comments and share a few entries which seem relevant to the subject matter. Thank you for sharing.